Created: 2011-07-07 19:09
Updated: 2015-04-14 01:58


Git Scripts

These are git files for some use-case scenarios


mkdir gitscripts
git clone git://
cd gitscripts
./install -fd $HOME/bin

The install file only installs scripts in the gitscripts/bin files. Make sure the install directory is part of the system $PATH

By default, the install script creates symbolic links to the gitscripts/bin directory. Using the -f option you can create files instead of links. Use the -d option to change the install directory

The scripts


  • git-merge-ff : Merge by fast-forwarding, otherwise fail. You can merge branches without checking them out. The script is a commented version of a stackoverflow post by Jefromi



These paired hooks are based on ["A web focused git workflow"] ( by Joe Maller. His website provides an exhaustive description of the workflow.

The hooks have been modified to;

  1. Provide for a staging branch/directory
  2. Prime merges by fast forward instead of pulling.
  3. One to one relationship between hub and prime branches.

The staging capabality added to Maller's model is aided by the scripts in this directory. Both scripts are used by the post-update hook to setup routes to a server-side stage. Currently, a stage is checked out when a git push hub <branch>:<stage_branch>. The stage branch is held by a variable in the hub's post-update hook.

The stage is just a temporary work-tree of hub's stage branch. Changes made to it are untracked and overwritten whenever the branch is pushed to. hub remains a bare repository.

The scripts just add redirects to .htaccess files so that the pushing ip_address is sent to the staging directory.

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