Created: 2011-07-07 17:00
Updated: 2018-10-22 02:10
License: other

pas2js: Convert Pascal to Javascript


pas2js < program.pas > program.js

The resulting program.js will be ill-formatted, so if you're planning on editing it, you'll want to run it through a pretty-printer, such as google's closure compiler.

pas2js < program.pas | closure --formatting PRETTY_PRINT > program.js

The resulting javascript file will be dependendent on pascal.js for equivalents of various pascal functions.

Known Bugs

First note that this code is a) outdated and b) written for a different dialect of pascal than you're using, written by a programmer who doesn't have your habits. Don't assume that it will do anything but barf when you feed it your own code. Listed below are some known and important bugs.

  • Types aren't handled quite correctly. (Specifically, they are mostly ignored.)

  • Labels and GOTO statements will not work. (It is not completely infeasible to support these in the future, but doing so may result in a serious performance penalty.)

  • WITH blocks will generate warnings when run through a pretty-printer or a linter, since the converted version uses JavaScript's deprecated with construct.

  • The pascal.js library is far from complete.

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