Created: 2011-07-07 16:58
Updated: 2018-09-20 18:34



Licence: not clear right now, probably GPL or MIT, but as long it's not furter defined all code belongs to the developers of the source.

This is a proof of concept in nodeJS, we try to add some remotecontrol feautures to our minecraft server without touching the minecraft code, now we want to share with you what we got. Enjoy!


*Linux or UNIX operating System *Java Support **Apache webserver with PHP support *NodeJS 0.5 *Minecraft 1.7.x

How to install it

execute the following script in a bash shell terminal. ./install.sh

How to run

just execute ./mine.js or node mine.js from the minejs directory. don't forget to add yourself to the ops.txt file if you not already did it. login to minecraft and run //help remeber whitelist might be enabled therefore you may need to //whitelist further users, before they are able to login.

Thanks to

###code & concept: escii, freaky & oxi

###testing & input: copykill, fabich, tomsnow, yingpang, mortron and the darklords

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