Created: 2011-07-07 16:49
Updated: 2014-04-13 20:45
License: mit




DemeterMate is a Rails 3 plugin that gives your ActiveRecord models a way to access association methods without violating the Law of Demeter. For example, say a person has_many projects. If you'd like to find a person's project by id, you'd normally use

@person.projects.find id

This breaks the Law of Demeter, increasing coupling and making testing with stubs and mocks a chore. DemeterMate fixes this by making the following possible:

@person.find_project id

The following ActiveRecord methods are supported by DemeterMate:


So, if your Person model has_many Projects, you could add a new project like so:

@person.push_project project

DemeterMate is flexible with the order - both of the following are valid:


It's also flexible on inflection - use whichever makes sense:

@person.push_project project
@person.push_projects project


Person < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :projects
  demeter_mate :projects


rails plugin install

Copyright (c) 2011 Nick Morgan, released under the MIT license

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