Created: 2011-07-07 15:47
Updated: 2018-02-15 17:22




bundle install

Setting up

  1. create a config file

    cp config/example.yaml /etc/dnsrr_config.yaml

edit it to meet your needs

  1. run with default configs

    rvmsudo bin/dnsrr_control start

  2. pass arguments

    rvmsudo bin/dnsrr_control start -- --config /home/user/test/config.yaml

  3. run in the foreground - gets errors

    rvmsudo bin/dnsrr_control run

  4. Available arguments

    --config = takes absolute path to a config file default is /etc/dnsrr_config.yaml --port = listen on a different port than the default 53 --protocol = change the protocol from the default udp --pid-file = write a pidfile default is /tmp/dnsrr.pid --listen-ip = default is ( all interfaces )

  5. Set as your primary nameserver in your network settings

Big thanks to the rubydns gem from https://github.com/ioquatix/rubydns

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