Created: 2011-07-07 15:37
Updated: 2019-03-05 16:20
License: mit

Quality disclaimer

This is an undocumented and messy PostgreSQL helper thing for PowerShell. It does not follow any best practices or PowerShell idioms, because it was written a long time ago. However, it does do the job.




You need Npgsql to use this module. See Google for a download location. For information about how to install modules, see about_Modules.

Usage, sort of

& {
    Import-Module Npgsql -DisableNameChecking
    Load-Driver Npgsql.dll
    Run-UnitOfWork {
    	# normal queries
        Invoke-Query '
            select customer_id, email_address
            from customers.customer
            where email_address like :email
              and created < :created' @{
            email = 'niklas@%'
            created = '2011-01-01'
        } | % {
            # do something with $_.customer_id and $_.email_address
            Write-Host "$($_.customer_id) -> $($_.email_address)"
        # void queries
        $newCustomerId = Invoke-Query -Void '
            insert into customers.customer
            (email_address, created)
            values (:email, :created)' @{
            email = ''
            created = [DateTime]::UtcNow
        } -ReturnId 'customers.customer_customer_id_seq'

        # scalar queries
        $emailAddress = Invoke-Query -Scalar '
            select email_address
            from customers.customer
            where customer_id = :customerId' @{
            customerId = $newCustomerId
    } -ConnectionString "someconnectionstring" `
      -ClearConnectionPools `
      -Debug `
      #-AutoCommit `

Run-UnitOfWork parameters

ClearConnectionPools clears Npgsql's connection pool before processing begins.

Debug will echo all queries with Write-Host.

AutoCommit will commit when done, unless a problem occurs. Without -AutoCommit, it will roll back the transaction when done.

Read the horrible source for more information.

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