Created: 2011-07-07 14:58
Updated: 2017-04-11 22:36
License: mit

OpenTSDB dashboard

A dashboard for viewing OpenTSDB data

Please use Chrome while we work on performance :)

Developed and tested on OS X 10.6

Screenshot with some made-up data screenshot!

Get started

opentsdb-dashboard depends on hbase and asynchbase for opentsdb, and on node and npm for opentsdb-dashboard

Get opentsdb running

1 Get hbase-0.90.X - we've been using hbase-0.90.2

# From Pick a mirror at and run:
curl -O
tar -xzvf hbase-0.90.X.tar.gz

2 Get asyncbase

git clone
cd asynchbase
git checkout d1aff70c71d3
cd ..

3 Get and run OpenTSDB locally

# From
git clone git://
cd opentsdb
make || make MD5=md5sum
make staticroot
cp ../asynchbase/build/hbaseasync-1.0.jar ./third_party/hbase/hbaseasync-1.0.jar
env COMPRESSION=none HBASE_HOME=../hbase-0.90.X ./src/
./src/tsdb mkmetric http.hits sockets.simultaneous lolcats.viewed
./src/tsdb tsd --port=4242 --staticroot=build/staticroot --cachedir=/tmp/tsd

Get opentsdb-dashboard running

1 Get node:

curl -O
tar -xzvf node-v0.4.8.tar.gz
cd node-v0.4.8
sudo make install
cd ..

2 Get npm:

git clone
cd npm
sudo make install
cd ..

3 Get opentsdb-dashboard:

git clone
cd opentsdb-dashboard
sudo npm install .
cd ..

4 (optional) Create some fake time series data to play with

cd opentsdb-dashboard
echo "module.exports = ['http.hits', 'sockets.simultaneous', 'lolcats.viewed']" > src/shared/metrics.js
node run/fakeProducer.js


Run dashboard locally

node opentsdb-dashboard/run/dev.js

or, run dashboard locally but connect to a remote TSD on

node opentsdb-dashboard/run/dev.js 4242


Build dashboard

node opentsdb-dashboard/run/build.js

Run production dashboard

node opentsdb-dashboard/run/prod.js 4242
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