Created: 2011-07-07 14:25
Updated: 2015-02-28 22:46

What is this

  • jQuery Coordinate Picker is a plugin that binds a click event to an element firing a modalbox with a google map that allows you to drag a pushpin to find and return specific coordinates.


  1. jQuery. Since the google maps coordinate selector is implemented as an iframe, those dependencies (google maps api v3, etc) are isolated and auto-loaded into that iframe.

Sample Usage

Please see sample html files to see real world examples.

var settings = {
	// Form input element selector for latitude
	lat_selector: '#lat',
	// Form input element selector for latitude
	long_selector: '#long',
	// Callback function that passes an object with the 2 properties (lat, long) in decimal format.
	// data = {lat: 00.00000000000000, long: 00.00000000000000}
	onComplete: function(data) {

	// Optional starting query for map.
	starting_query: '78247' // address or zip code




  1. Add the coordinate_picker directory to your web root or javascript directory.
  2. Load coordinate_picker/jquery.coordinate_picker.js and coordinate_picker/styles/smodal/shadow.css in the page you want to use this plugin.

Release Notes

Version 0.5 - July 8 2011 *Initial Release

Version 0.51 - July 8 2011

  • Add ie specific styles to modal box because it doesn't support shadowbox css attributes.


  • Figure out how find path of plugin without loading them after the dom is ready.
  • Add HTML5 Geolocation API
  • Add Microsite with demo links
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