Created: 2011-07-07 12:05
Updated: 2019-02-20 15:45
License: other


RabbitMQ Visualiser

This experimental plugin that visualizes RabbitMQ topology and message flow. It is DEPRECATED and will not ship with RabbitMQ as of 3.7.0.

Project Maturity

This project was an experiment because it is no longer under development.


This is a plugin for the RabbitMQ Management Plugin that provides an HTML Canvas for rendering configured broker topology. The current main purpose of this is for diagnostics and comprehension of the current routing topology of the broker.

The left of the canvas displays exchanges, the right displays queues, and the top displays channels. All of these items can be dragged around the canvas. They repel one another, and snap back into their predefined areas should they be released within the boundaries of those areas.

Shift-clicking on an item hides it - it will be added to the relevant select box on the left.

Hovering over an item shows at the top of the screen various details about the item. Double-clicking on the item will take you to the specific page in the Management Plugin concerning that item.

When hovering over an item, incoming links and/or traffic are shown in green, whilst outgoing links and/or traffic are shown in blue. Bindings are always displayed, but the consumers of a queue, and likewise the publishers to an exchange, are only drawn in when hovering over the exchange, queue or channel in question.

By default, up to 10 exchanges, 10 queues and 10 channels are displayed. Additional resources are available from the left hand-side select boxes, and can be brought into the display by selecting them and clicking on the relevant 'Show' button.

The 'Display' check-boxes turn off and on entire resource classes, and resets positioning.

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