Created: 2011-07-07 10:22
Updated: 2016-06-17 17:57
License: other


Open Power Cache 3.0.1-dev

The library provides a general-purpose passive caching system. It is more than just an unified API for all the caching extensions available in PHP. It focuses on providing a platform to serve various classes of cached data and refreshing them.

Version information

This is a development version of Open Power Cache 3.0.1



The package provides the caching platform, as well as the default backends for various types of content.

Documentation can be found here.

License and authors

Open Power Cache is a part of Open Power Libs 3 foundation - Copyright (c) Invenzzia Group 2008-2011. It is distributed under the terms of New BSD License.


  • Tomasz JÄ™drzejewski - idea, programming.
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