Created: 2011-07-07 07:57
Updated: 2015-12-17 19:55


BrainScript is a scripting language that is a subset of JavaScript and inspired by Urban Müller's brainfuck. Valid BrainScript is always also (syntax-wise) valid JavaScript, so all rules that apply to JavaScript, apply to BrainScript. BrainScript – however – has some extra rules of its own, BrainScript does not support String literals, comments, whitespace (except \n), Numbers or any use of alphanumerals. Only dollar ($) and underscore (_) characters are allowed to be used as identifiers.

Hello world in BrainScript

Pops out a modal box saying 'Hello world.'


The JavaScript equivalent would be

alert('Hello world.');

Do note that the example will only work in Chrome and older versions of Firefox.


The compiler folder inludes a JavaScript -> BrainScript compiler for whatever purposes you may have for such a thing. Currently known issues are bloated size (this is not noticeable when gzipped) and memory usage. Also, it introduces some public variables, but just put all your javascript in a single file and compile, and you should be all right!

Like any credible language, BrainScript also features a compiler written in BrainScript, you can find it in compiler/self-compiler.html .

The proper MIME type for BrainScript is text/x.brain+javascript. It however works with text/javascript as well.


  • Easy to understand, simple syntax. Should be familiar to most of the people, as it's the same as in the world's most popular programming language.
  • Very high gzip compression ratio (usually around 98%).
  • Hard to do dangerous or 'evil' things with.
  • There's nothing to get in the way of you and the desired result, when there are no keywords, literal control structures or other useless things.
  • Everything you could do with JavaScript, you should (be able to) do with BrainScript.
  • Makes debugging more enjoyable.
  • Allows you to exceed the charset of your BS file.
  • The syntax is understood by all browsers that support JavaScript.


  • Writing X-Browser compatible code isn't always – well... – possible. Implementations are getting better though.
  • Introduces some "global pollution".
  • The current compiler introduces some (massive) memory leaks to your code. Working on it.
  • Firefox 5+ doesn't support BrainScript. Older versions, however, do.



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