Created: 2011-07-06 20:56
Updated: 2014-03-06 23:37


I am not currently supporting this tool - Twitter keep making it more difficult for developers.

This is a ruby command line twitter client.

It depends on a whole bunch of gems being installed. Something like this should help:

sudo gem install twitter oauth net-netrc launchy
  • TODO - check this list

It also depends on being able to open a browser to authenticate occasionally, so it's not entirely command line. I think that's a limitation of OAuth but I could be wrong.

I have this set up in my command prompt by adding to my .profile (and with the ct script in my $PATH)


User Colors

If you would like to have customized colors for some users, copy the sample.ctseen file to .ctseen in your home directory. Edit the users under the :colors heading. The numbers are "ANSI Color codes": (note, I have a TODO to change this to make more colors available).

Note that the .ctseen file is modified by the client each time it runs, since it is also used to store which messages were last seen etc.

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