Created: 2011-07-06 20:17
Updated: 2014-02-06 03:52
License: mit

IQ Engines API Bindings for Ruby


  • rake
  • ruby-hmac (version 0.4.0 or greater)
  • rest-client (version 1.6.1 or great)


You can install the module by running the commands below.

git clone git://
cd ruby-iqengines
rake install

Example Usage

require 'iqengines'
api = IQEngines.Api(<YOUR_KEY>, <YOUR_SECRET>)

# sends a query to IQ Engines
qid, response = api.send_query('./test/a.jpeg')

# waits for results using a long-polling connection
response = api.wait_results()
puts response

Api Reference

### IQEngines.Api(key, secret) ###

A constructor that returns a handle to the iqengines API. key and secret is your API key/secret obtained from signing up for an account at If these are left undefined, the module will look up their values from the IQE_KEY and IQE_SECRET environment variables.

### Api.send\_query(img, extra=nil, webhook=nil, device\_id=nil, multiple\_results=nil, modules=nil, json=true)###

Sends an image query to the iqengines servers. Returns [qid, response] where qid represents the unique identifier for the given query and response is the response from the IQ Engines server.

  • img - The file path to your image (jpg, png)
  • multiple_results - If true then all identified images are returned in the results
  • device_id - A unique string used to filter out the results when retrieving results using the waitResult method
  • webhook - The URL where the results are sent via HTTP POST once the results have been computed
  • extra - A string that is posted back when the webhook is called or when retreiving results. It is useful for passing JSON-encoded extra parameters about the query that your application can then use once the results are available
  • json - If true, then the response is formatted as a JSON object

### Api.get_result(qid, json=true) ###

Returns the result for a given query. The response here will either contain the results of the query if it has been processed or a message specifying that query has not been processed yet.

  • qid - The unique identifier returned from the send_query method (default = true)
  • json - If true, then the response is formatted as a JSON object

### Api.wait\_results(device\_id, json=true) ###

Opens a long polling connection to the IQ Engines servers and waits until results are ready.

  • device_id - if given, the wait_result method will only return when results are ready from queries sent with the corresponding device_id
  • json - If true, then the response is formatted as a JSON object
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