Created: 2011-07-06 19:53
Updated: 2014-01-26 03:20
License: other


The Road Won't Rise to Meet You

A small game about how hard it is all the time.

Experimental Gameplay

This game was created for the Experimental Gameplay Project July 2011 challenge: DISINTEGRATE.

However, it is not an official submission because we took the whole month (not 7 days) to make the game and there were two of us working on it. But the theme was interesting and who needs a reason to make games?


Our goals were to:

  1. Create a very small, simple game, in a small amount of time for the Experimental gameplay competition.

  2. Hint at a deeper idea underlying the simple gameplay and art.

  3. Have at least one fun mechanic that encourages some amount of replay beyond a single attempt.

  4. Have at least 5 levels created.


Art: Paul Bredenberg

Programming: Jay Roberts

Font: Gamegirl Classic

Music: Earth Crisis 2011 by JAM

Uses the excellent LÖVE framework.

Uses kikito's elegant Middleclass

Uses vrld's can't live without it HUMP Library

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