Created: 2011-07-06 19:45
Updated: 2013-11-17 17:55

Sethish's Django-powered static blog generator

This is a django project that eats Markdown and YAML files and spits out a staticly generated website for deployment.

A lot of work remains to make this a long term sustainable project. Right now too many things are hard-coded, and the django part is not separable form the content folder/arena.



This release is to get my project out the door and a static site generated

  • finish first post
  • make css/html render properly
  • make affordances for static pages (hardcode in
  • write script to crawl/render all pages


This release is the functional version for my purposes.

  • make static generation auto push/deploy
  • separate content from 'trans-blog-rifier'
  • cleanup nagging css issues
  • rss feed generation
  • robots.txt generation
  • Fix spacing of mid-post h3s
  • add blockquote indenting and style change (boarder and bgcolor?)
  • make method for static pages


This is approaching my complete desired feature set

  • integrate Discus for comments
  • integrate django-tagging
  • generate smarter metadata
  • a jquery twitter/feed widget
  • scripts to enable editing (vim -O $ $TITLE.yaml: $title, timestamp)
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