Created: 2014-05-19 19:33
Updated: 2014-05-19 23:13

Getting and Cleaning Data - Course Project


The run_analysis function was designed to combine, summarize, and make clean a
set of data collected from the embedded accelerometer and gyroscopes of Samsung
Galaxy S smartphones.

The original data was collected as part of a study designed to explore the
possibility of human activity recognition using smartphones. A full description
is available at the site where the original data was obtained:

Relevant Files

  • ''

  • You're reading it!

  • 'getdata-projectfiles-UCI HAR'

  • This is the un-altered data from the original study linked above that
    r_analysis will work it's magic on.

  • It should be un-zipped and the UCI HAR Dataset directory placed inside your
    working directory before running r_analysis.R

  • It can be downloaded here:

  • 'run_analysis.R'

  • R script that contains the r_analysis function, which takes the original data
    set as input and outputs the summarized, tidy data set as a "TidyData.txt" file
    in your home directory.

  • 'TidyData.txt'

  • Text file that is produced by running r_analysis() at the R programming prompt

  • Contains the averages per subject per activity of all the mean and standard
    deviation variables from the original dataset

  • ''

  • Description of the variables and how the run_analysis function works

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