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Updated: 2018-12-14 06:15
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Dependency Bundles for NPM and Bower

Freight helps you:

  • Bundle all your dependencies into a compressed archive.
  • Avoid committing dependencies into project source.
  • Speed up project and dependency installation.
  • Speed up continuous integration and deployment.
  • Stop relying on NPM and Bower registries.
  • Avoid dependency installation issues during deployment.

Freight consists of two components - a tiny command line tool and a Freight Server that manages the dependencies.

See the Freight Documentation.

See the Freight Server README to help you setup a Freight Server.

Try it out

Install npm install -g freight.

Get the sample project:

git clone && cd freight-sample

Run freight -u, you will now have the NPM and Bower modules!

Visual Demo

How it works

Freight supports:

  • with NPM: npm-shrinkwrap.json, NPM rebuild, production only bundles
  • with Bower: .bowerrc, Bower resolutions


Vlad Filippov

Release History


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