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Updated: 2019-03-07 22:32


Deploying Open Food Network

These are Ansible playbooks (scripts) for managing an Open Food Network app server. This is not for your local development environment. Head to the OFN getting started guide to run the OFN locally.

The Open Food Network is an online marketplace for local food. Instructions for configuring a development environment can be found on the project's GitHub repository.

Start with our deployment tutorial to learn how to setup your own Open Food Network server with Ansible.


The playbooks take information from the vars.yml file. You must create your own copy of the file and edit it to put in information that is specific to your OFN installation. Afterwards, you can use the following playbooks:

  • setup.yml - Use a root login to ensure python is installed and create a default user (defined in inventory/group_vars/all.yml) on the server for installation (mandatory the first time you provision a server).
  • provision.yml - Install and configure all required software on the server.
  • deploy.yml - Deploy OFN to the server by copying a git repo to the server and using ruby/rake/rails tasks to configure and migrate.
  • backup.yml - Backup database and image files on the server to the local machine.
  • rollback.yml - Rollback the database and codebase to the previous version.

You may want to use the anisble option "checkrun" to do a dry-run of the playbooks. With this option, Ansible will run the playbooks, but not actually make changes on the server.


You will need Ansible on your machine to run the playbooks. These playbooks will install the Open Food Network app onto a server running an apt-compatible OS like Debian or Ubuntu. It has currently been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bit) LTS on AWS, DigitalOcean and Scaleway cloud servers.

Code quality

Install ansible-lint by running:

pip install ansible-lint

Run the checks using:

ansible-lint site.yml --exclude=community

This is also run by Travis.

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