Created: 2014-05-19 19:25
Updated: 2014-05-23 05:07



A platform to facilitate interaction between students and instructors in a course.



The Team

  • Soon Chun Mun - A0081223U - Middleware
  • Le Viet Tien - A0088447N - Back end & Server
  • Tay Yang Shun - A0073063M - Front end, Interface design, Product Lead
  • Soedarsono - A0078541B - Back end, Engineering Lead


  • Soon Chun Mun
    • AngularJS Integration
    • REST services and Socket.io for AngularJS
  • Le Viet Tien
    • Sails.js back end models
    • AWS server deployment
  • Tay Yang Shun
    • HTML and CSS
    • Designing of interface and logo
  • Soedarsono
    • Sails.js back end API routes
    • Sails.js back end Facebook routes


  • Not many gamification components in the system yet, focused on making the basic functionality of posting and retrieving of questions/answers/comments as solid and stable as possible.
  • Added markdown support in the posts. This allows us to add emoticons and medias (YouTube links and Image links)
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