Created: 2014-05-19 19:24
Updated: 2014-09-23 20:53



Efforts to build an exchange platform. Asset/currency pairings give rise to markets, alike Forex/ Stock exchanges. Web API takes order requests and publishes order book snapshots. 'Matchers' execute trades from open orders, each given its own market to facilitate system distribution. Uses Spring framework while RabbitMQ handles internal communication.

Each market features an Order book to record buyer/seller interest of participants. An order specifies the market it pertains to, whether it is a buy or sell order, quantity and offered price.

Incoming orders are processed sequentially and when prices overlap and an agreement between two parties can be struck a trade is executed.


  • Takes orders
  • Persists orders and informs matcher
  • Matcher receives orders and executes trades, pushes to queue
  • Executed trades from queue are persisted and open orders updated


  • User registration/authentication
  • Attribute order submissions to the authenticated user
  • Order cancellation requests (if possible)
  • User asset balances
  • Internal API for for user asset deposits/withdrawals (integration with external systems like fiat banking, Bitcoin)
  • Real-time websocket stream of newly posted orders and executed trades
  • Web front-end


Specification begins to outline the structure and inner workings and intended integration interfaces.


If you wish to witness some operation out of it

# system dependencies
sudo apt-get install maven
sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server
# grab project
git clone https://github.com/Pucilowski/polexchange.git
cd polexchange
mvn clean install


  • from main module run com.pucilowski.exchange.main.util.PopulateSchema, kill when populated
  • from matcher module run com.pucilowski.exchange.matcher.Matcher
  • from main module run com.pucilowski.exchange.main.util.Cli
    • type following into standard input to submit orders
      • bid <price> <volume>
      • ask <price> <volume>
  • for results
    • api:
      • http://localhost:8080/api/markets/
      • http://localhost:8080/api/markets/ltc/btc/bids/
      • http://localhost:8080/api/markets/ltc/btc/asks/
      • http://localhost:8080/api/markets/ltc/btc/history/
    • database entries:
      • store.script in working dir
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