Created: 2014-05-19 19:20
Updated: 2018-08-21 18:53


The best CMS on the planet, a perfect compliment to GhostJS.

How to Install

New Projects

#NOTE: This is currently not working just yet
npm install -g yo
npm install corporeal corporeal-generator
yo generate corporeal-project
# follow the onscreen instructions

Existing Express Projects

npm install corporeal --save

Inside your express app

require('corporeal')(app, {
    template_dir: '/templates',
    mongo: {
        username: user,
        password: pass,
        host: localhost
    url_prefix: 'corporeal' //this will add /corporeal/ to all urls

Creating Templates

Creating templates is super simple. Use any express compatible template inside the templates_dir. Add a template.json file that defines your variables inside the template.

    name: 'MyTemplate',
    parent: null //you can name your template a sub template here
    variables: [
            name: 'myVar',
            type: 'string'
            defaultValue: 'myVar default value' //removing the defaultValue means the field is required
            name: 'myList',
            type: 'array',
            inner: {
                name: 'listItem',
                type: 'string'
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