Created: 2014-05-19 18:57
Updated: 2015-03-26 18:42


Learn python with friends Lets do some python! Some ideas of what to work on are...

  1. Project Euler
  2. Simple games
  3. Exercises and examples
  4. Anything you want other's feedback on

Feel free to add or change anything here.


Anyone should feel free to include resources that they feel were particularly helpful.


Blog Outlining Coding Resource Websites

Great Free Book for Beginners

Google's Python Introduction

Mostly Free Python Resource and Exercises

Never Ending Problem Set for Programmers

Very good at learning how computers do things, not really endless...

Mostly Free Resource and Strategy Guide

Focused on Django for Web Design.

Python and Windows API

Short win32py manual that is a bit out of date.


Plotting Examples w/ Matplotlib

Scipy Cookbook

Git Basics

Markdown and Git Markdown Basics

Standard basics.

Git flavor basics.

Very Helpful Analysis /w Open Source Intro Book

Can download as PDF.


XKCD Style Plots w/ Matplotlib

Python Logging

SSH in Python

Python SQLite3 Tutorial

A good intro to working with databases.

Email HTML Embedding for Text and Images

Introduction to Data Mining via Programming


Python Descriptor Guide

Python 'Magic Methods' Examples:

Alter properties that handle how python builtins interact with objects.

Python Metaclasses

Use of metaclasses is not very common and can be quite difficult.

SQLite3 Performace w/ Large Database Sizes

Very handy if using SQLite shards for large storage.

Hadoop Map Reduce Queries Using STDIN/STDOUT

Advanced data structures are accessable via with map reduce and semi-structured data.

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