Created: 2014-05-19 18:53
Updated: 2018-03-06 23:57
License: mit

gulp-atom NPM version

A gulp plugin that creates Electron which is atom-shell based distributable applications.


Install with npm.

npm install --save-dev gulp-atom


After atom-shell 0.24, atom team change the name to electron If you want use with 0.24 or later please upgrade gulp-atom to verions 0.1.0 or later

Add a gulp atom task like :

var gulp = require('gulp');
var gulpAtom = require('gulp-atom');

gulp.task('atom', function() {

    return gulpAtom({
        srcPath: './src',
        releasePath: './release',
        cachePath: './cache',
        version: 'v0.20.0',
        rebuild: false,
        platforms: ['win32-ia32', 'darwin-x64']

Executing gulp atom will create an atom-shell package for the specified platforms.

When you run code under process.NODE_ENV = test more debug information will be displayed.


  • cachePath The download path for the atom-shell package, required.
  • srcPath The root directory of the sources that shall be packaged, required.
  • releasePath is where the release applictions path, required.
  • version the version of the atom-shell release to be download from the GitHub page, required.
  • platforms Support ['darwin','win32','linux','darwin-x64','linux-ia32','linux-x64','win32-ia32','win64-64'], default is darwin. If verion is under v0.13.0 must use ['darwin','win32','linux'].
  • apm Path to the atom-package-manager executable. If not specified the default behavior will be to use the globally installed apm executable.
  • rebuild Default is false, when set to true the native atom modules will be rebuilt.
  • symbols Default is false, when set to true the symbols package from GitHub will be downloaded.
  • ext The package extention for the atom-shell package, default is zip



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