Created: 2014-05-19 18:29
Updated: 2014-05-19 19:47
License: mit


Quick and dirty client-server application to make it possible for clients to get a server to play certain sound clips it has on disk.

Can currently be set up to control Silverjuke, such that every time a sound clip is played on the server, it will lower the volume of Silverjuke until the end of the sound.

Fork me

Feel free to fork and extend the application with more awesome features. This was mostly coded in a few hours, so it could do with some improvements!

Getting started

Following is a short introduction on how to get started with AwesomeButton.


  1. A network which both the server and client(s) can connect to (i.e. LAN or wireless)

  2. Java installed on the server

  3. Currently only Android devices are supported as clients.


  1. Create a folder called sounds in the same folder as the AwesomeButtonServer.jar is located.

  2. Put all the sound clips (.wav only) you want to be able to play in the sounds folder.

  3. Create a file called sounds.txt in the sounds folder. In this file each line represents a sound clip.

  • Each line has to be formatted as: <code-for-sound>//<name-of-sound-file>:

I.e. runaway//RUN AWAY!, where the file is called RUN AWAY!.wav while the code for the sound will become runaway. Keep the code for the sound clip simple (no whitespaces/symbols/uppercase), and the name of the sound file without the .wav ending.

A full setup including sounds and the server executable can be found in this example



  1. Start the AwesomeButtonServer on the designated music computer by executing the AwesomeButtonServer.jar file

  2. Note the IP the server which can be seen in the first line of the log window upon start-up.

  3. If Silverjuke is to be used at the same time, click the Find Silverjuke button and locate Silverjuke.exe on your computer with the file finder.


Get the AwesomeButton app by downloading the AwesomeButtonMobile.apk file onto your device and installing it. Note that you may need to give extra permissions to the application before you are allowed to install it.

Then to use it:

  1. Be sure to connected to the same wireless/local network as the server.

  2. Open the client app, and hit Settings > Set Server IP. Here enter the IP the server was given.

  3. Now get the sound list on the client by hitting Settings > Get sounds

  4. ???


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