Created: 2014-05-19 18:28
Updated: 2018-06-07 06:14
License: gpl-3.0

Simple AppLock

Your Privacy is Protected!

Clean, Simple and Beautiful interface. No more huge list of apps! See only what you would like to lock. Lock any app which you would like with Simple AppLock. Select any one of PIN, Pattern or Gesture lock method. Forgot your unlock method? Do not worry. Unlock it instantly at


  1. Open source! Now you can be sure, your privacy is really protected! (
  2. No more clutter. Simple and beautiful interface. See only apps which you have locked.
  3. Lock any apps with Simple AppLock such as Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Settings etc.
  4. Stop exposing your personal information to anybody else.
  5. Stop apps being uninstalled (May not work on all devices. To be sure, please purchase Advanced Protection from the app)
  6. Reset unlock method instantly, if you have ever forgot your unlock method.
  7. Chose from three unlock methods (PIN, Pattern and Gesture)
  8. Unlock timer: For a specified time interval app will not be locked once it is unlocked.
  9. More coming soon!

Pro Features:

  1. No ads (0.99$)
  2. Advanced protection and No ads (1.49$)

If you have any thoghts or feature requests do contact us at

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