Created: 2014-05-19 18:16
Updated: 2017-09-09 15:41
License: gpl-3.0


Wrapper for many package managers, with a simple syntax

see pm -h for more information


----- v0.8 --------

  • first working version


  • support simpler commands with -{char}, along with natural language, and shortented nl
  • support apt/dpkg, yum, pacman/packer
  • support install (repo and local), remove (loal and repo), update, search (local and repo)

----- v0.9 -------- (testing)

  • added experimental upgrade option with "-U" "upgrade" or "upgrd" (not tested)
  • add update repos only option "-r" "repositories" or "repos"
  • better parse commands so can combine -s & -l to search locally using getopts
  • if searching local and no package specified, list all
  • workaround for: Apt & Yum don't have a good command for searching local packages

----- v0.94 -------- (testing)

  • added option to get info about a package
  • changed option for installing,removing,update to capital (more importance)

----- v1.0 ----------

  • release as stable (master branch)


  • allow piping for remove/install (workaround using xargs before pm)
  • stop relying on which
  • add opensuse/zypper support
  • add gentoo/emerge support
  • follow up on DNF development

References: The pacman rosetta at

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