Created: 2014-05-19 17:59
Updated: 2014-05-25 18:39
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Language Independent, Platform Independent GUI took kit


The idea of using the browsers capabilities to add a platform independent gui to you program is not new. However, it hasn't had a lot of success so far the only program I know that uses it is git-annex. I think the reason for this is that web development is complicated, and so are the frameworks you might use. Additionally, most frameworks are created with thoughts like restful and webstore in mind. Those are good concepts, but if you are doing something interactive it's hard to think about all the things you would have to update in one tab if something changes in an other or on the server.


Surely you have been wondering how a gui tool kit/web framework could ever be programming language independent. We did have CGI (just forwarding the standard output to the browser) that was language independent, but it wasn't very interactive. So what we will try to do is make CGI interactive. When a client connects to the webserver with a specific url or a specific prefix the server will execute our program myapp.

The webserver will read from myapp's standard output until it blocks if the opening tag of <body> has not been reached, it waits. Otherwise, it will close all unclosed tags and send the it off to the browser. It will also insert a little script that will open a websocket to the webserver, that will set the javascript variable ICGI.position to the innermost unclosed element, and that will provide a ICGI.send() method to send data back to the *myapp.

As soon as more, output of myapp is available it will be sent through the websocket and appended to ICGI.position. When encountering a closing tag that was not opened in that part, will tell the browser to set ICGI.position to the parent of the current element if the tag is correct and call an error otherwise. If a script tag with class="ICGI_EVAL" is reached it will be sent to the browser and executed otherwise it will just be appended. Since the server doesn't keep track of opening/closing tags, you can also set ICGI.position to wherever you want and start appending data there. Of course to delete something you have to send a script tag or use javascript some other way.

As stdin of myapp you will receive anything that is sent by the browser via *ICGI.send().

take a look at ths simplest chat program ever written in Bash


There is some very basic python code ./ that just runs a icgi server in the current directory on port 8888. There is also a very basic chat program written in Bash that you can test if the server runs. localhost:8888/chat.icgi

You will need to install

apt-get install python3-tornado


I haven't written any code yet but comments suggestions are welcome

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