Created: 2014-05-19 17:46
Updated: 2017-07-31 11:22

Consul & Confd Cluster Demo

for a full explanation & walk through, check out

Here is a 6 node example environment running in Vagrant to demo Consul and Confd.

Look through the Vagrantfile to get an idea of what we're setting up, but essentially we are building:

  • 2 consul server agents
  • 1 consul agent hosting a "status" web gui
  • 2 example service nodes
  • 1 demo web-app that will interact with the service
	$ git clone
	$ cd consul-cluster-vagrant
	$ vagrant up

Some notes

  • I've included dependencies in the /bin folder, but if you don't trust me the sources are listed below.
  • confd is built off of master as consul support won't be baked in until the 0.4 release.
  • Each node is wired to use 256mb ram, so this cluster should run OK on most systems. My i7/8gb laptop stays under a load of 1.

repo contents

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