Created: 2014-05-19 17:33
Updated: 2016-12-30 17:02
License: mit

Flick your wrist to flip through 11 images from is a site providing art licensed under Creative-Commons. Outline Font is based on the Boxy font also found on on Pebble AppStore

golem| demon| wolf| stone-giant

Font is a modified version of Boxy-Bold from Boxy-Bold.ttf License: CC0 Author: Clint Bellanger

golem.png, wolf.png License: CC-BY 3.0 Author: Michele Bucelli (aka. Buch)

demon.png License: CC-BY 3.0 Author: Killy Vera (aka. killy)

bunny.png License: CC0 Author: Nicolas Silva (aka. nical)

scarecrow.png License: CC0 Author: TinySpeck &

wizard.png, stone-giant.png, orc.png, robot.png, princess.png, dwarf.png License: CC0 Author: Prim Andras (aka. tzunghaor)

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