Created: 2014-05-19 17:25
Updated: 2014-11-07 20:38
License: apache-2.0

Morton Casa de Subastas

Colaborative re-design of Mexico City, Mexico.

Project start: 19-05-2014

Andy Osuna

File Guidelines

1. Fill up spaces with dashes. Leave only main words, remove all else.

Example: Libros y Documentos = libros-documentos.php

2. Keep everything in the root folder except for images (images), includes (php), php (php), database conection, stylesheets (css) and javascript (js).

3. Included files inside php directory should be named include- + filename + .php.

Example: Header include file = include-header.php

4. Certain images should be placed within specific directories like banners, slides, staff pictures and upcoming event images (for content pages).

  • Images within banners should be named dep- + department-name + .jpg.
  • Images within slides should be named after the slide number in the slideshow followed by the date. Example: slide-1 + 05-07-2014 + .jpg
  • Images within catalogs should be named cat- + event-name + .jpg.
  • Images within staff should be named by the persons last name followed by the first. Example: Andy Osuna would become osuna-andy + .jpg.
  • Images within upcoming should be named vnt- + event-name + .jpg (using the same event-name as used for "catalogs").

Coding Guidelines

One: Open a template.

  1. Open a file named template.php, template-responsive.php or template-content.php.
  2. Save using the naming guidelines above: sample-file.php
  3. You are now ready to work in the new file.



  1. Add your content inside <div class="cont"></div>
  2. Code according to this Code Guide by @mdo

Other Notes

For any questions regarding the design please contact me by email at or create an issue on GitHub


The following were used as a framework, for troubleshooting and inspiration:

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