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API Store



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api-store is a storage API which enables you to run the RAML API Designer locally (rather than use the APIHub cloud service) and still be able to manage and collaborate on your design.


The service is built with node.js, using express and mongodb.

Installing Node.js

Go to nodejs.org, and click the Install button.

Installing MongoDB

To install MongoDB on your specific platform, refer to the MongoDB QuickStart.

To start mongodb as background process:

cd /usr/local/mongodb (mongodb installation directory)

mongod --fork --logpath /var/log/mongodb.log

Installing MongoDB Node.js Driver

From the top-level directory (e.g. raml-store):

npm install mongodb

Installing Express

From the top-level directory (e.g. api-store):

npm install

Running the Service

From the top-level directory (e.g. api-store):

node server

Testing the Service

curl -i -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name":"myfirstapi.raml","path":"/","type":"file","contents":"#%25RAML%200.8%0Atitle:%20%20%20DONE!!!"}' http://localhost:9999/files

curl -i -X GET http://localhost:9999/files

Integration with API-Designer

Follow instructions at api-designer to install and run API-Designer (or use the fork here : https://github.com/fchantrel/api-designer).

First you can play with the API Designer with the index.html but your RAML files will be saved in your local storage, if you want to use this API to store the RAML files in MongoDB just call index_store.html instead of index.html (for the moment only available on the forked repository).


Thanks to Brian Mc who gave me the idea with this API https://github.com/brianmc/raml-store

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