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In order to give our 3D Printer the intelegence needed to make awesome objects, you need to upload the latest firmware. We currently give support to BCN3D+ firmwares. The standard and the dual extruder.

  • Firmwares
    • BCN3D
    • BCN3D+

Even thought we don't support older firmwares, you are still able to download the BCN3D version for all those firsts BCN3D out in the wild.

Before uploading a new firmware be sure to follow all the steps and indications. Also remember to install the U8glib in you Arduino libraries!

Changing the Firmware

In order to change the firmware you need the following:

  1. USB Cable
  2. Arduino IDE with u8glib library*
  3. Firmware Code

The process:

  1. Switch off the mains
  2. Plug the USB cable to the side of the printer. Your computer should detect it and give it a port.
  3. Open the Arduino IDE and open the arduino file (.ino) located in the firmware directory.
  4. In the Arduino programm --> Tools --> Board --> Arduino Mega2560/ADK. In the same tools menu select your SERIAL PORT.
  5. Click the Right Arrow icon who says Load
  6. Just wait for the progress bar to finish and the printer will reset itself. Then you can unplug the USB cable and switch back on the printer and enjoy.

###Libraries needed In order to install new libraries to the Arduino follow the next link.

Install Arduino Libraries

And here you can find the u8glib

u8glib Arduino library

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