Created: 2014-05-19 16:14
Updated: 2018-12-06 20:07




Hours is a simple command line time tracker for invoicing written in Python. It tracks multiple clients, projects, etc. Hours can output CSV files for invoicing.


Below is a summary of the functions that Hours can perform:

  • (n) Start new entry - Starts a new entry with the current time. If a clock is started, will automatically close it to begin new entry.
  • (c) Close entry - Closes clock if there is a clock open.
  • (e) Edit entry - Allows the user to edit an entry by line number.
  • (i) Create Invoice - Creates an invoice for uninvoiced lines for specified customer.
  • (p) Mark Invoice as Paid - Select an invoice to mark as paid.
  • (sa) Show all entries - Print all entries in CSV to screen
  • (su) Show un-invoiced entries - Print all un-invoiced entries to screen
  • (so) Show outstanding invoices - Print all un-paid invoices to screen
  • (sk) Search by keyword - Search entries by keyword
  • (sm) Search by month/year - Search entries by month and year
  • (si) Search by invoice number - Search entries by invoice number
  • (u) Re-import/Update CSV - Re-read CSV file from disk
  • (r) Re-sort and re-calculate all entries - Sort entries by date, and recalculate times and costs.
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