Created: 2014-05-19 16:05
Updated: 2014-05-19 16:08
License: mit

LuaJIT FFI bindings for STFL

STFL is a library which implements a curses-based widget set for text terminals. The public STFL API is only 14 simple function calls big. A special language (the Structured Terminal Forms Language) is used to describe STFL GUIs. The language is designed to be easy and fast to write so an application programmer does not need to spend ages fiddling around with the GUI and can concentrate on the more interesting programming tasks.

STFL homepage:

Usage example

local stfl_interface = require("stfl")

local ffi = require("ffi")
local stfl_library = ffi.load("stfl")
local Stfl = stfl_interface.BytestringApi(stfl_library, "UTF8")

local form = Stfl.Form [[
  vbox @style_normal:bg=black,fg=white
    label .expand:h .tie:c style_normal:bg=blue
      text:'Example list'
      listitem text:'Hello world'
      listitem text:'Hello world too'
      listitem text:'La langue fran├žaise (Unicode displaying test)'

local event
while true do
  event = form:run(0)
  if event == "q" or event == "Q" then break end



The MIT license.

Part of bindings source (modified copy of stfl.h header file) is licensed under LGPL3 (hence included LGPL3 text), but bindings source as a whole is still licensed under the MIT license as permitted by sections 1 and 4 of LGPL3.

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