Created: 2014-05-19 16:03
Updated: 2017-04-18 14:47

The Round

By Bain Design

Version 2.7.0

1. Setup

  • NPM. Open project directory in terminal and run npm install to install all grunt plugins. See package.jsonfor details.
  • Run bower install to download Bower components (and their dependencies) to /bower_components. See bower.jsonfor details.
  • Run grunt copyassetsto copy assets from /bower_componentsto the appropriate theme directory. See Gruntfile.jsfor details.

2. Development

  • Run grunt to compile your Sass and run the watch task. See Gruntfile.jsfor details.
  • Run grunt build to output build files to /release. See Gruntfile.jsfor details.

This project uses Git Flow

3. Deployment


This project comes with a set of shell scripts to aid with deployment, markbaindesign/mbd-wp-deploy-scripts. These scripts can either be run manually, or via grunt tasks. For configuration instructions, see mbd-wp-deploy-scripts/scripts/

  • Run grunt importto run the import script and install the archive currently in /importto your local environment.
  • Run grunt exportto run the export script which creates an archive of your local install in /export, ready to upload to your remote environment (staging/production).

Replacing URLs

Once you have run the import script, you need to change all the URLs in the database. I suggest using interconnectit/Search-Replace-DB.

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