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Mathematical Open Type fonts


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This repository contains a script to fetch various open source OpenType fonts with a MATH table as well as the corresponding fonts to use for the surrounding text (if any). The fonts are converted into WOFF (with zopfli compression) and WOFF2 formats using fonttools, which may perform additional optimizations. It is expected that all the transformations preserve Functional Equivalence and so Reserved Font Names remain unchanged. The fonts are finally packaged with some documentation, a license and a mathfont.css stylesheet, so that you can easily use them on your Web site. Some proprietary fonts as well as incomplete open source fonts are also listed but they are not provided.


Note that only Gecko and WebKit have (more or less complete) support for MathML and the OpenType MATH table. The WOFF2 format is not supported by all web rendering engines. Also some (but not all) of the fonts provide old style numbers and calligraphic letters accessible via OpenType font features. Some CSS rules from the CSS Fonts Module Level are provided to help selecting the corresponding glyphs, but these are not implemented/enabled in all browsers yet. In general, it is recommended to try the most recent versions of browsers.

The following open source math fonts have issues and are not provided yet:

  • The Neo Euler font has design issues and has never been released.
  • The development version of GNU Free fonts contains an OpenType MATH table but this is not available in the release yet.

Using Math fonts on your Web site

Download the zip archive. Choose one family for your web site and place the corresponding subdirectory somewhere. Make your pages link to the mathfonts.css stylesheet. The MathML formulas will then render with the specified font. It's good to make them consistent with the surrounding text, especially for inline expressions. To do that, use the htmlmathparagraph class, e.g. <body class="htmlmathparagraph">. By default, the local fonts installed on the system will be used. For open source fonts, Web fonts in WOFF2 or WOFF format will be used as a fallback.

Most families provide old style numbers in the text font. You can use them via the oldstylenumbers class, e.g. <span class="oldstylenumbers">0123456789</span>. Some of the math fonts also provide calligraphic style for the script characters, that you can select with the calligraphic class e.g. <math><mi mathvariant="script" class="calligraphic">A</mi></math> or equivalently <math><mi class="calligraphic">𝒜</mi></math>.

Build Instructions

You need GNU Core Utilities (or equivalent on UNIX systems) as well as sed, grep, unzip, wget, fonttools, zopfli and brotli. Type the following command to build the font directories:


Use make clean to remove intermediary files and make distclean to remove all the files that are not tracked on GitHub.

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