Created: 2014-05-19 15:50
Updated: 2016-06-02 21:33

Docker Flask Example

This is a simple example project that shows how to run a simple Flask application inside a Docker container.

Docker & Boot2Docker (OS X)
make run

Builds and runs the project directly as a Docker container. This should potentially also work on Linux as long as Docker is installed and running.

If you're on OS X and a Docker instance is not already running somehow, this will install and use boot2docker-cli in the current directory (requires Go).

make clean

Stops and removes the container and any remaining garbage.

Vagrant & Docker
make vagrant

Runs the project via the Vagrant docker provider. In order to use port forwarding, a custom box (declared in vagrant/) is being used.

Please note that the other Makefile targets setup, clean, build and run are reserved for using Docker directly. Refer to the Vagrant docs for information on how to interact with Docker.

Test the connection
make test

This just curls the Boot2Docker VM or the Vagrant VM. When using Boot2Docker a script is used to find out the ip address of the VM. With Vagrant the target is simply localhost.

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