Created: 2014-05-19 15:47
Updated: 2014-05-19 15:54

Code test: promotions engine

A relatively involved code test I completed in 2013 for an e-commerce company.

How to run

rake spec
rake cucumber

Instructions for the test

Here is a sample of some of the products available on our site:

Product code Name Price
001 Travel Card Holder £9.25
002 Personalised cufflinks £45.00
003 Kids T-shirt £19.95

Our marketing team want to offer promotions as an incentive for our customers to purchase these items.

If you spend over £60, then you get 10% off your purchase If you buy 2 or more travel card holders then the price drops to £8.50.

Our check-out can scan items in any order, and because our promotions will change, it needs to be flexible regarding our promotional rules.

The interface to our checkout looks like this (shown in Ruby):

co = 
price = 

Implement a checkout system that fulfills these requirements.

Test data

Basket: 001,002,003 Total price expected: £66.78

Basket: 001,003,001 Total price expected: £36.95

Basket: 001,002,001,003 Total price expected: £73.76

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