Created: 2014-05-19 15:22
Updated: 2017-01-27 21:31

2013-11-23: Serpent 2.0.0 (the latest and greatest) is now available.

  • made it PSR-0 compatible and Composer friendly ( and added an PSR-0 autoloader for people which does not use Composer or an PSR-0 autoloader.
  • added specific Exceptions.
  • compilers are not longer plugins and not changeable. If you want to integrate other compilers just use mappings.
  • resources are not longer plugins and have to be injected with addResource().
  • own resources have to implement the interface \McSodbrenner\Serpent\Resource.
  • in mappings you have now direct access to the parameters via the array $this->_mapping_parameters.
  • you can add your own mappings via addMappings(). Now it is also possible to use anonymous functions.
  • changed syntax for block. They are now also mappings, e.g. ~:block('content')~ and ~:endblock()~.
  • new mapping :loop. It's like a for loop or a dynamic :repeat.

Serpent is a lightweight, compiling templating engine for PHP.

It was designed to seamlessly integrate into existing MVC frameworks and uses PHP itself as its template language, so you do not need to learn a new markup language. On the other side you get many improvements compared to pure PHP.

What it has: (Overview in Detail & Documentation)

  • PSR-0 and Composer compatible
  • short syntax for php tags (shorter than PHPs own short tags wich are also possible)
  • no additional markup language
  • dot syntax for arrays (like Smarty)
  • shortcuts for your own functions
  • infinite horizontal and vertical template inheritance
  • definable resources
  • compiling engine for best performance
  • E_STRICT compatible
  • Unit tested

What it does not have: (Why it is missing those features)

  • template security
  • caching system
  • overhead
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