Created: 2014-05-19 15:02
Updated: 2014-05-19 15:44



Powershell tool for powering up or down tiles in a VMmark benchmark environment
Requires the VMware Powershell tool vSphere PowerCLI to be installed

The program will turn on or off all the VMs within a vSphere folder titled Tile[n] ("Tile" is case-sensitive for now) where n is the tile number.
The tile number can be given as:

  • single number
  • comma separated list of tile numbers
  • range of tile numbers

The default behavior is to turn VMs on


Tilepower.ps1 -vc <vCenter Server> -u <Username> -p <Password> -t <Tile number(s)> (-h)

-vc vCenter Server Hostname or IP address of the vCenter server where the tiles are located
-u Username Username of an administrator account on the vCenter server, typically "root"
-p Password Password of the administrator account
-t Tiles Accepts single tile, Comma separated list, or range of tiles. Lists must be enclosed in quotes.
-h Shutdown Including this flag will shutdown or power off VMs rather than turning them on by default


Turn off VMs in Tiles 3 through 5
tilepower.ps1 -vc vcenter-test -u root -p p@ssword -t '3-5' -h

Turn on VMs in Tile 0,2,4
tilepower.ps1 -vc vcenter-test -u root -p p@ssword -t '0,2,4'

Turn on just Tile 1
tilepower.ps1 -vc vcenter-test -u root -p p@ssword -t 1

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