Created: 2014-05-19 14:35
Updated: 2014-07-30 08:53

Notes on using the meta-sourcery-analyzer layer:

Usage & Instructions

This repository contains an add-on layer for Yocto Project 1.6 (Codename Daisy) which provides LTTng-specific fixes to improve the out-of-the-box tracing experience with Sourcery Analyzer included in Codebench 2014.05 See and

Use this layer by simply adding it to your BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers.conf before you start building with bitbake. See:

Additionally you need to modify your conf/local.conf to make sure you have tools-profile ssh-server-openssh and eclipse-debug added to variable EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES.

The following modifications are provided on top of Yocto 1.6:

  • Build babeltrace 1.2.1 (instead of 1.1.1), liburcu 0.8.4 (instead of 0.8.1)
  • Enable lttng kernel tracing for ARM (remove blacklisting of lttng-modules)
  • Apply to mitigate the fork-without-exec deadlock issue of LTTng 2.4
  • Enable busybox setsid and getopt (+ long options support) applets
  • Enable -n for busybox head applet
  • Work around Yocto 1.6 GCC bug (handling of externals with __attribute__((weak, visibility("hidden"))))


Patches can be sent via github pull request. Following people are maintainers of this layer: and

General Information

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