Created: 2014-05-19 14:29
Updated: 2019-01-07 20:39

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Set up Twilio

What you'll need from Twilio: an account, phone number, SID, and auth token. Sign up here:

NOTE: Unless you have a paid account, you'll have to manually verify user phone numbers, and a test message will play before every call.

ALSO: There is no way to test Twilio functionality locally. You have to have some way for Twilio to reach the app over teh internets.

Go to your dashboard -> your Twilio number and enter in under "Messaging". Choose "HTTP GET" from the dropdown next to it.

Set up your stuff

Put this in your .env file:

# .env

Set @app_number to your Twilio number at the end of twilio_controller.rb:

# app/controllers/twilio_controller.rb
  def set_twilio_number
    @app_number = "+16176069516"

Then run: rake db:migrate rake db:seed

You can either sign up with one of the phone numbers you verified on Twilio, or you can add it manually to db/seeds.rb.

ANOTHER NOTE: You must format your phone number like this: +1XXXXXXX

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