Created: 2014-05-19 14:24
Updated: 2015-01-12 18:35

Takeaways App

This app helps FastSigns Durango track takeaways at it's various locations throughout town. It's built by the students at Durango Ruby School.

Heroku app location:

You can view project notifications in Durango Ruby School's Hipchat.


  • Postgresql

Setup Instructions

  1. cp config/database-example.yml config/database.yml
  2. Make any changes in the database.yml to have it work with your system.
  3. cp .env-example .env
  4. Make the appropriate environment variable changes if needed
  5. rake db:setup to set up your database
  6. rake to run the specs

Environment Variables

The application depends on the following environment variables. These can be set in .env for development and test

SECRET_KEY_BASE= <Random string to used to generate session keys. See config/secrets.yml>
HONEYBADGER_API_KEY = Honeybadger api key
APP_DOMAIN=<domain of the application ie( or>
APP_PORT=<port that the application is running on, optional>


  1. Make a new branch (git checkout -b <branch name>)
  2. git status to make sure you're on a branch
  3. Make your changes for this specific feature. You can do multiple commits.
  4. Push your branch to github (git push origin <branch name>)
  5. Create a pull request
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