Created: 2014-05-19 14:00
Updated: 2014-05-20 07:21
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RecyclingCoin - REX

RecyclingCoin is an decentralized network side granted crypto currency with random reward, transaction message and with SCRYPT algo as a proof of work scheme.

RecyclingCoin is a crpyotcurrency that is focused on recycling industry, recycling investments and most of all it spread the basic message of recycling the trash instead of trowing it in dumps.

RecyclingCoin as any other crypto currency can be mined/decrypted as any other BitCoin clone/remake/alternative but RecyclingCoin also allow people who aren't so techincal to contribute to the RecyclingCoin community with real recyclable ware.

RecyclingCoin is also a fund in fact the RecyclingCoin crypto currency even if decentralized is funded on centralized real assets and reserves witch are collected and refined mainly from recycling operations but not only.

RecyclingCoin is the future of recycling industry and the good philosophy of everyday life.

RecyclingCoin Specs

  • 5 minutes block time
  • Difficulty retargets every 10 blocks, with accelerated diff retarget at the beginning to prevent instamining
  • 1 Billion Total coins
  • 3 confirmations for transaction
  • 30 confirmations for minted blocks
  • Support transaction message
  • Standard Reward ammount:
  • 35 REX x Block
  • 0-350 REX x Random Reward Range Block
  • The reward will newer halved.
  • 5% Premine for coinage network and infrastrucu support and maintainance
  • 10% Premine for basic FUND liquidity and fund reserves collection for real value building

The default ports are

  • P2P=12555
  • RPC=12556

Info & Contact data:

I wish you all to have a nice mining operation.


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