Created: 2014-05-19 13:44
Updated: 2014-05-20 02:17
License: lgpl-2.1


Posix SLIP serial class for communicating with Arduino/Teensy.

It is designed for Posix side communicaton with Aduino/Teensy-3.x where packet communication over serial/Bluetooth is involved. This class eliminates most of the tedium of establishing the serial parameters and SLIP I/O.

This module depends upon the SLIP project:

class SlipTty {
    SLIP            slip;           // SLIP I/O Object
    int             fd;             // Open tty
    char            *buf;           // Rx buffer
    unsigned        buflen;         // Rx buffer length


    int open(const char *device_path,int speed,unsigned maxbuflen,bool enable_crc8=true);
    int close();
    void write(void *data,unsigned length);
    void *read(unsigned& length);

open method: device_path "/dev/cu.usbserialXYZZY" (example) speed 38400 (baud rate) maxbuflen This is the maximum sized receive packet enable_crc8 Enabled by default, but enables SLIP's CRC8 feature

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