Created: 2014-05-19 13:33
Updated: 2015-05-26 23:42

SourceJS Live templates

Live templates for WebStorm / Idea. Accelerate and simplify the development of specs in the IDE.


  • source.xml - basic set of templates.
  • source-auxiliary.xml - set of templates for Odnoklassniki code styles.


source source starting template
sec source section
cdc code example
sex default source example block
sex2 source example block with 215px width
sex3 source example block with 730px width
sex4 source example block with 980px width
sex5 source example block with 1200px width
sexa source example block with auto width
sexf source example block with 100% width
sas link to other source spec
sad link to design spec
info, warn, note, data, doc highlighted info blocks with some data


ch1 CSS comment 1 level
ch2 CSS comment 2 level
ch3 CSS comment 3 level
ch4 CSS comment 4 level
hc1 HTML comment 1 level
hc2 HTML comment 2 level
hc3 HTML comment 3 level
hc4 HTML comment 4 level
jc1 JS comment 1 level
jc2 JS comment 2 level
jc3 JS comment 3 level
jc4 JS comment 4 level
tpltr mustache starter kit
rdk rdk starter kit
au spec author
todo CSS or HTML todo comment
cc clean check comment
ref todo refactor

How to use

  1. Just copy need files to templates directory and then restart IDE.

    Templates directory on Windows:


    OS X:


  2. Make for each file symlinks:

     ln -s source.xml ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdeaXX/templates

(c) Odnoklassniki front-end team

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