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Cerberus is a Grepolis Analytics Tool

I'm pulling every hour the latest Data from the Grepolis "API". You cann see all the Tasks under the 'lib/task' Directory

require 'smarter_csv'
require 'open-uri'
desc "Import Players"

task :import_players => :environment do

  progress = ProgressBar.create( :format         => '%a %bᗧ%i %p%% %t',
                                 :progress_mark  => ' ',
                                 :remainder_mark => '',
                                 :total          => nil,
                                 :title          => 'Importing Players')

  url = "http://#{ENV['WORLD']}.grepolis.com/data/players.txt"
  url_data = open(url).read()
  File.open('/tmp/players.txt', 'w') { |file| file.write(url_data) }
  progress.total = open(url).readlines.size

  SmarterCSV.process('/tmp/players.txt', {
    :user_provided_headers => [
      "grepo_id", "name", "alliance_id", "points", "rank", "town_count"
    ], headers_in_file: false
  }) do |array|

    array.each do |a|
      a[:name] = a[:name].to_s
      a[:name] = CGI::unescape(a[:name]).force_encoding('UTF-8')
      Player.where(:grepo_id => a[:grepo_id]).first_or_initialize.update_attributes(a)



The API consists of

:players, :towns, :islands, :conquers, :player_kills, :alliance_kills

With this Data i show the changes happening in the Game, and provide a Directory for Analytics.

Project Info

I started this Project ± 2 Weeks ago, so everyting you see here is in a very messy state. You can see what gems and plugins i use in the gem file.

Right now i'm working on the UI and 'Versioning' so i can track and display changes over time.

I work a lot with Trello, so here is a quick sneak peek of a Weeks Trello Activity

Cerberus Trello

A few Screenshots

Player Index Screenshot1

Alliance Show View Screenshot2

Player Show View Screenshot3

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