Created: 2014-05-19 12:45
Updated: 2014-05-19 13:01



WordPress theme based on SASS with grunt


This serves as a starting point for a new WordPress theme based on _s. It's built with SCSS and Grunt.


  • minimal default markup and code: won't get in your way
  • comes with a Gruntfile: image, JS and CSS compressed automatically
  • simple SCSS grid system included (optional)


This repo comes with a few default directories and files to get you started with your WordPress theme development

├── dev
│   ├── img # put your unoptimized images here
│   ├── js # put your uncompressed javascript here
│   └── scss # here's where you change your scss
├── dist # copy this folder's contents to your wp-content/themes directory
│   └── THEMENAME # this is your theme folder, it will be renamed later
├── Gruntfile.js # this is your grunt file with various automation tasks
├── package.json # this tracks grunt's dependencies
└── setup-theme.sh # run this once to set up your new theme

In order to set up your theme, check out this repository:

git clone https://github.com/fheinle/wordpress_s-grunt

Chose a name for your new theme and set up your development environment:


This will rename dist/THEMENAME, change some settings in a few files, install dependencies for grunt and run grun for the first time, creating your style.css.

Grunt tasks

Your theme comes with a few grunt tasks

* ``grunt``: concat your scss to style.css, without compression and removing line numbers for easy debugging
  concats your javascript without compression
  optimizes and copies your images to dist/NEWTHEMENAMEGOESHERE/img
  automatically adds browser specific vendor prefixes
* ``grunt watch``: monitors folders in dev/ and runs grunt tasks automatically when changes to scss, img or js are detected
* ``grunt prod``: same as ``grunt`` but with more optimization. JS and SCSS are compressed.
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