Created: 2014-05-19 12:18
Updated: 2014-11-10 14:44
License: gpl-3.0

Live Healthy

The main idea of the application is to be used by people who are too lazy to calculate the calories they eat and use themselves. That's why the users will be in different lazy-categories. The project is inspired by bb-team and is intended to be one idea smarter. Users can log. They will be asked for gender, kilos, height, years /perhaps date of birth/ and what they seek - to keep their form or to get in a better one. Depending on what they choose the calorie balance will be decreased with some calories or will remain the same. Then users will have the opportunity to choose in which category they consider themselves.

  • Main functionalities:

    • Calculate your daily calorie balance
    • Calculate the calories of the things you ate(if you list them) and tells you how much calories you have left
    • By given food suggests how much you can eat of it and how to combine it to fit to the calories left (still overthinking this one)
    • Eventually gives you badges or other motivational stuff to keeps you going
  • User categories: are depending on the sport activity one does.

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