Created: 2014-05-19 12:09
Updated: 2017-01-11 07:57
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A Clojure library designed to normalize inclusion of native libraries in projects.


Add [clj-nativedep "0.2.1"] to your project.clj dependencies.

(use 'com.vnetpublishing.clj.nativedep)
(load-resource resource_path app_id app_version lib_name)

(load-resource "/mylib.dll" "my-app-name" "1.0.0" "mylib")

See API documentation in doc/ for more information

From Java

The following java interoperability methods are available for Java applications in the namespace com.vnetpublishing.clj.nativedep

  • Boolean isWin() - Calls (win?)
  • Boolean isMac() - Calls (mac?)
  • String getArchName() - Calls (get-arch-name)
  • void loadResource(String resource_path, String app_id, String app_version, String lib_name) - Calls (load-resource resource_path app_id app_version lib_name)

Install to localrepo from sources

Execute the following from the project directory (containing project.clj)

lein install

Finally add [clj-nativedep "0.2.2-SNAPSHOT"] to your project.clj dependencies


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